Ankle deep ocean lyrics where feet

So dance, come on dance…On your own graves Oh dance, come on dance…He calls us lovers, not slaves. May I never lose hope Upon the darkest night May my life be a seed And my spirit light. If you're the son of God Vanquish my enemies Protect my borders and securities And crush the heads of those who'd rob my peace.

ankle deep ocean lyrics where feet

Turn the rocks into loaves of bread Find pleasure in the evening within your bed. I've seen fathers running for their prodigal sons And I've seen the nooses empty and the chains undone I've seen beggars leaving their crumbs of bread And I've seen orphans dancing with crowns on their heads.

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Where are you? He makes the shamed beautiful He makes the broken whole He makes the darkness turn and flee.

ankle deep ocean lyrics where feet

I have the dust on my boots of a thousand cathedrals And I have taken my place with bended knees And I have raised my voice with a multitude of angels Whose nests are treasured by your trees.

Make my heart brave Make my back strong enough to carry my cross For what I've gained for my own pride I count as loss. Piano, vocals Josh Roberts: And our home may soon change places As we bound mountains And walk on oceans without fear But for now our adventure lies here Oh for now, our adventure lies here.

And sometimes grace takes clearing stones With a weary heart and aching bones To prove to that new child it was worth it all. Tim Roberts Cello: Thy kingdom come, thy will be done On heaven and earth May my life be poured out And my death give birth.

"Ankle Deep Ocean" lyrics

Oh when did we stop missing things? I've heard the promises of heaven And I've heard the threats of hell But maybe we're already living Within the stories that we tell. And my name says that I am light And I want to learn how to fight For the ones This dark world has barred from hope. And I've heard the forest singing as it prepares the table For the feast to come, glimpsed in parables and fables And between every mountain and every shore And through every season we will hunger no more.

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And in your heart I've placed a journey And like a garden it will grow And when you taste the fruits of bravery I will part the seas below. Oh everything's been bought and sold and bought and sold again Dreams won't pay your taxes, and dreams won't feed your children Dreams don't make the world go, dreams don't make the world go round Go make a man of yourself, and put your stake in the ground.

ankle deep ocean lyrics where feet

May those that come behind Not linger at my grave Plant me beside the waters And may I offer shade. I have no spare change and I have not the time for your melodies And here while you sit, the world is passing you by And here you sing of peace and the wild like the frontier's still out there But if we buried our guns in the earth we'd all die by the sword.

ankle deep ocean lyrics where feet

John Lucas Kovasckitz: Do you know a faultless land?