320d rough idle when cold outside

That pipe is the breather, the o rings inside tend to perish over time.

320d rough idle when cold outside

Originally Posted by Penn999. Originally Posted by EastCoast335i If that were the case why does it only happen on cold starts and only for a few minutes?

320d rough idle when cold outside

Find all posts by Ford 2. Find More Posts by 02themax. I replaced mine and noticed that the actual piping near the bottom seemed to have melted.

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320d rough idle when cold outside

Even the new one leaks a bit - poor design IMO. Close Save changes. Nope, I agree with him 02themax. As soon as you push the start button it will begin to studder, so how are you gonna fix the problem after it already occured lol??

E91 320d issues

Share This Page Tweet. Originally Posted by EastCoast335i Ok that makes complete sense... I don't think it would cause the EML unless the pipe was blocked possibly. I'am not sure but sounds like an automatic choke problem.

320d rough idle when cold outside

I'd be grateful of any tips with this? And if you really want to get them cleaned up even better and stop all the rough idling, take the intake off yourself and clean all the black stuff off anywhere you see it.

Did you fix the problem?

Rough Idle, Vibrating & Shaking Idle Problem BMW 5 Series 3 Series E90 E39 528I 328I M5 M3

Thanks for the input guys. Thanks From: Your name or email address: Often, a check engine light will illuminate of the engine computer cannot adequately regualte engine idle speed. If I drive the car without the MAF sensor connected, could this cause any damage? If it is the head gasket, the other symptoms will follow as time goes by.