X-men hero who is a telepath

Xavier is among the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel universe. The Cuckoos were originally triplets, but sisters Esme and Sophie died in an incident with their rival Kid Omega.


He's able to perceive the thoughts of anyone within that vicinity as well as broadcast his own thoughts. One of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe , David Haller, son of Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller, discovered his powers after a terrorist attack after which he unintentionally absorbed the terrorist leaders' mind.

They were cloned from Emma Frost through the Weapon Plus program.

x-men hero who is a telepath

After exposure to the Terrigen Mists, the coming of age ritual that all Inhumans in Attilan undergo , Maximus the Mad emerged with powerful psionic abilities that enable him to impose his will upon the minds of anyone near him, swap bodies with people, and spontaneously induce amnesia upon other beings.

In the movies, this incident is shown as the origin of the Phoenix.

The Top 10 Marvel Mutant Telepaths – Geek Culture Countdown Podcast!

That's why Magneto always has to resort to holding innocent life at stake in order to keep Charles from getting him, why both he and Juggernaut wear helmets, and why Apocalypse was so intent on getting his powers in this year's X-Men: She has even been able to resurrect herself! X-Men" when she used her powers into making people believe that Cyclops was still alive and that he had "died" in battle with Black Bolt. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

x-men hero who is a telepath

The X-Men trapped her in a mindless form, but even in that form, she was able to manipulate a powerful telepath like Emma Frost into doing her bidding. He's young enough that this likely will change, but for now, he's a bit lower on the list.

x-men hero who is a telepath

If you thought Apocalypse was old, meet the Shadow King, an embodiment of pure psychic energy that was spawned the first time that a human being experienced a nightmare.

He has been powerful enough that he was able to possess pretty much every telepath below him on the list, with Charles Xavier being the only person to ever truly defeat him even there, Xavier often needed the help of others.

Each one was telepathically linked to her sisters and together they formed a hive mind of sorts, able to instantly communicate with each other and share power among themselves.

An Omega-level telepath of the highest order, Storm has said at one point that Shadow King is the second most powerful telepath on Earth. The ability to connect multiple minds to the user, making the user leader, which allow all members to share thoughts, memories and feelings of other members, and maintain permanent mental link with each other.

x-men hero who is a telepath

She means well, though, and has always been one of the most powerful and most honorable members of the Legion. After a failed attempt at changing the past, the Phoenix Force plunged Rachel into a different reality: The ability to project one's astral form from their body onto astral planes or the physical plane over vast distances.

Unfortunately for the quintuplets, after a tragic riot at the Xavier Institue, Sophie died.


Telepathy can be utilized in a number of ways, including, but certainly not limited to, the following:. As a child, En Sabah Nur was generous with his powers, but he grew into a mighty villain with control over his very being to a cellular level.

x-men hero who is a telepath

Quentin Quire is a powerful mutant who quit being an X-Man to become a member of the Hellfire Club, leaving an irreparable path of destruction behind him. She is well known for her psionic weapons, which manifest as pink energy in a physical form. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

A fresh take on sports: Xavier ended up barely destroying Farouk.