Wildstar how to get mounts

If you get the Delux edition of the game, it comes with an exclusive hoverboard mount.

Personal information , even your own. Want to join?

wildstar how to get mounts

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Please Do Post: Post a comment! All rights reserved. I am most interested in obtaining a mount as soon as possible, once the game lands, of course. Recruit threads - try the stickied recruitment thread. At level 25 you can buy the Hoverboard. Is the 15 only during beta?

wildstar how to get mounts

Exploits, hacks, or anything that breaks EULA. Some mounts can be purchased for gold, others for reputation or other currencies. Check out the FAQ and daily questions thread first!

[EN] WildStar Guide - All You Need To Know: Mounts

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wildstar how to get mounts

No one cares. Costs 11g I believe. There are many mounts, and there are different types of mounts, notably those you can ride, and hoverboards. Submit a new text post.


These are generally specific to each mount. Advertise streams. You can buy them in the main city.