Whose line questions only

Story teller One contestant narrates a story with the others acting it out. Multiple Personalities Contestants during a scene become a particular character when holding a certain prop. Two Characters Two contestants act out a given scene as two characters e. Tag The audience chooses initial positions of 2 contestants. Reunion A reunion is enacted for people of a certain occupation, concluding with a song.

whose line questions only

Impossible or Mission Improbable Contestants perform a scene Mission: Couples Two contestants improvise a scene changing into various famous couples suggested by the audience.

Song Titles The contestants act out a scene speaking only in song titles. Film Dub bing Contestants must improvise a new soundtrack for a piece of film on a given topic.

Sound Effects i One contestant acts out a scene whilst another provides the sound effects. Musical Film Review Clive reads a movie summary from a guide, a contestant reviews the film which the others perform.

whose line questions only

Remember That Song? Three contestants in a scene must involve an occupation they used to share. Superheroes A contestant is given a worldwide problem, and superhero name.

whose line questions only

Authors The contestants improvise a story given the title, in the style of their chosen author. Questionable Impressions See "Questions Only", but contestants must maintain a different impression each time they enter.

whose line questions only

Contestants swap over as in Questions Only if they mess up. Video Players Three contestants act scenes from a chosen movie, another fast forwards, rewinds, etc.

Questions Only

Soap Opera The contestants perform the start and end scenes of a soap opera set in a location given by the audience. Questions Only Only questions may be used in a scene. Telethon Two contestants host a telethon, the others sing the 'help-a-song' as various celebrities. Interrogation Two contestants interrogate another about a bizarre crime suggested by the audience.

Secret Given a scene and secret's location, two contestants act the scene during which the secret is revealed.

whose line questions only

Greatest Hits Two contestants advertise a Greatest Hits album, naming songs performed by another or 2.