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Caute 20. There are no women here. Don't click the following. More info: And Google lied about it. Can I get a 6 inch sausage, please?

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I've started naming names. Factually incorrect and the example is not even in English. Your vote: Login , Register , Login instantly with Facebook.

Single word exclamation, accompanied by a gesture where the hand is swept palm down over the head from front to back with about three inches clearance. The quick removal of all clothing. I got chu.

Definition of whoosh

I mean, today somebody was talking to me and everything they said just kept whooshing past me , y'know? The Nice 27. Usage Vulgarity SlangMap. There are no homosexuals in this movie. Campsite rule 23. Most vulgar Your vote: And a Google employee lied about it. Interactive stats: Last edited on Jun 22 2010.