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If any patrols get caught by them, help to fight, and send a cat back to camp to tell me so I can organize an extra, fresh battle patrol.

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Smokefoot and Snaketail gathered up their patrols and left, Whitewater hurried after Littlecloud, who was entering the medicine den, but Dawnpaw stayed where she was as Rowanclaw called: Zor th Highly Explosive 02: Helix talk 03: He usually relyed on Blackstar to think up names, and he had always been grateful that he could just sit back, relax, and calmly hope that the apprentices liked their new names.

Just put another warrior in charge of camp for a minute. He licked his bristling fur flat, cleared his mind with a deep breath, then unsheathed his claws and scrambled up onto the Highstump, Blackstar's vantage point to call Clan meetings and ceremonies. It was caused when an apprentice brought an infected rat from Carrionplace into camp, and a cat ate it, and became deathly ill.

Fan fiction:Rowanstar's Nine Lives

Zor th Highly Explosive 23: Flamepaw gets to go to the Moonpool on his own tonight, because Littlecloud's too busy with Blackstar, but why can't Flamepaw go with you?

I will clean off the fresh-kill pile. Nervous butterflies fluttered in Rowanclaw's belly. I thought it was called jetLAG.... What do you think? Oakfur nodded like Ivytail. It can show things like:.

Night Whispers/Chapter 10

I thought it would trick everyone. An idea flashed into his head that would silence Tigerpaw and Dawnpaw. I approve of that. He just spends the whole day in a restles sleep. The illness spreads very easily, so I want two cats to guard the entrance to Blackstar's den until our leader gets better, but even guards will not be allowed to fully enter the den.