Where did l. ron hubbard live

But despite chronic ill health, the founder lived on, leaving Miscavige - and others, including Terri Gamboa, Vicki Aznaran, Lyman Spurlock and Norman Starkey -- in a state of flux.

where did l. ron hubbard live

The new executor, who would oversee the transfer of all Hubbard's intellectual property to a trust known as Author's Family Trust-B, and from there, into the newly created vessel, the Church of Spiritual Technology, was Norman Starkey, a longtime CoS heavyweight who had earned the animosity of many now-disenfranchised Scientologists during the days of the Missionholders Conference in 1982, when David Miscavige and the young rulers first made waves as the new power behind LRH's throne.

Hubbard died, and the battle for control of his legacy, which had been simmering for years, took centre stage. Ron Hubbard. Ron Hubbard make a lot of money out of Scientology? Ron Hubbard discarded the body he had used in this lifetime... We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

where did l. ron hubbard live

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L. Ron Hubbard's last refuge

Under a year-old California law, such declarations are binding, Mr. He spent his remaining years writing fiction and researching Scientology. Founder L. Was L. In recent years, David Miscavige, who as a teen-ager acted as Mr. He tested those procedures on former prisoners of war who, notwithstanding intensive medical treatment, had failed to regain their health. Hubbard did rise through the naval ranks, but was also disciplined on several occasions for his decision-making and leadership skills, according to military records.

The world, however, has moved on - and now, some of those same people who were present during the last days of LRH have come forward to tell what they know. Before he wrote Dianetics, Hubbard was in the hospital for an ulcer, not war injuries, according to military documents. Contact our editors with your feedback. Article Media. In this period, according to court documents, the Church of Scientology began a project in which members of an elite group were assigned to infiltrate government agencies in more than 30 countries and suppress investigations of the organization.

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L. Ron Hubbard

Edit Mode. Hubbard withdrew more and more into seclusion. But it was not long before those most likely to raise questions about the new regime - Pat and Annie Broeker - disappeared from the eye of the storm as though they had never been.

where did l. ron hubbard live

Of these former messengers turned executives, the future head of Scientology, David Miscavige, was amongst those angling to take control of the church upon its founder's death.

The man they saw was unrecognizable from the image of a spry young writer Hubbard had pasted on so many of his book jackets.

where did l. ron hubbard live

There was no explanation for this last minute changing of the guard.