When did the bastion point protest startimes

Bastion Point protesters evicted

Sourced from website treaty2U. But none of this is terrorism. Next Story: Treaty timeline. John A Lee. Police have over-reacted before. James Posted: The 1970s.

Remembering Bastion Pt: 'Straight out of a Nazi war movie'

They do so again here. Share this item Share on pinterest Share on facebook Share on twitter. This is an appalling follow on from the foreshore and seabed debacle, consecutive damning UN reports on Maori rights and the government's reprehensible opposition to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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The occupation was the catalyst for the establishment of the Waitangi Tribunal and the claims process. Tell me more...

Keywords protest. No Pakeha train passes by, and 737s fly too high. The storm trooper treatment of Ruatoki families, intimidation of school children on a bus and searching Tame Iti's nightie-clad daughter in a darkened Whakatane street are reminiscent of the racist destruction of Rua Kenana's Tuhoe community.

Joe's daughter Sharon Hawke was 16 years old the time of the occupation and can recall the tension leading up to the eviction. Which word does not belong to the list? Police may have legitimate prosecutions over unlicensed guns under the Firearms Act, but terrorist accusations are simple scaremongering.

Working together, DoC doesn't prosecute the camps. Your email: Fred Evans. There are thousands of camo thingys on TradeMe and in The Warehouse, including cool pyjamas and funky undies. Whina Cooper.