What is wake up now about

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In most cases, those goods were middle-man repackagings of larger, legitimate business' coupons and discounts. Navigation Clark's Topics. Email Address.

what is wake up now about

You can read that statement by clicking here. Try Our Search Here: While the company claimed to make 100 percent of its profits from product sales, the company's biggest revenue source was the membership fees assessed to new recruits.

Among the services are discounted vacations, identity theft protection, car rental discounts, cellphone discounts, and even a proprietary energy drink! Wake Up Now members have circulated doctored photographs that suggest endorsements of the company from Drake, Bill Gates, and others.

what is wake up now about

Wake Up Now WUN takes its name from an idea with spiritual overtones — that most people go through life asleep and only a few are truly awake. There was not any pyramid schemes that were investigated or ponzi type of actions whatsoever that ignorant people think some home based businesses are a part of.

In September, a friend of mine passed along his account of a conversation in which his friend, who had previously been involved with multi-level marketing company Ambit Energy, "presented" Wake Up Now's business model and profit structure.

what is wake up now about

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. All of us in National Wealth Center who are in the most stable opportunity online look at these types of shutdowns and understand that picking the right type of opportunity is really the utmost importance when building a business.

what is wake up now about

Features Essays Business. National Wealth Center is a much better opportunity than Wake Up Now ever would have been and offers much better products, support, compensation just to name a few.

Wake Up Now ShutDown – The Real Truth To What Happened!

A valid e-mail address is required to receive your free reports. As reported by Phil Polich , the company did not shut down by any regulating agency such as the FTC or any type of intervention from government or state regulations.

what is wake up now about

As a basic member with access to limited services; as a paying retail customer with access to premium services; and as an independent business owner IBO. Wake Up Now is a company that promises to help you save, manage, and make money by offering fantastic discounts, free software, financial guidance and so much more.