What is psp stand for

what is psp stand for

By bashing because of simple factors only shows you have nothing better to do. PlayStation Portable: It's even smaller than the original!

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The Simba 29. Here we go: Sometimes used by elementary school boys to mock their friends, who think that they are referring to the PlayStation Portable and thus results in a hilarious conversation.

I prefer ds , but the psp is great as well. The ds was bulky and fragile, but the newly released ds lite fixed these problems. Neither one is better than the other, as their pros and cons even each other out. In conclusion: HGM 13.

what is psp stand for

And the low battery , why the hell would you play for 6 hours straight anyway?? All of you are wrong. Hey Dawson is it time for shotty's yet?

what is psp stand for

And did you really play it??? Regardless, it has phenomenal technical capabilities and better titles are further down the line , such as Exit. It's difficult for me to say a whole lot of positive things about the PSP at this moment in time , but eventually Sony will iron out these first-generation flaws and we'll see a better range of games. Hey, I love the psp, but I think Ill give the ds a shot.

PSP Acronym

It is indeed not, they are quality games, that were actually created with care and knowledge of what was going on. Both systems are revolutionary with their graphics, capability, and design.

what is psp stand for

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