What is hard real time communication

All military combat systems are soft real-time. That special case is named "deterministic.

what is hard real time communication

Scheduling algorithms for multiprogramming in a hard-real-time environment. Rubal Rubal 577 7 12.

what is hard real time communication

From my experience, I would separate the two as being hardware and software dependant. Skip to Main Content. Route selection is an important aspect of the design of real-time systems in which messages might have to travel over multiple hops to reach their destination and multiple paths exist between a source and a destination.

Communication Access Realtime Translation: CART Services for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People

Is this system hard, firm, or soft real time? Skip to Main Content. Douglas Jensen E.

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An approach to real-time synchronisation. Sha, L.

what is hard real time communication

If you're writing an application that's real-time, this could be considered soft. I restored the original tags.

Analysis of hard real-time communications

If the system delivers milk after its expiration time, then the milk is considered "not useful". A prioritized multiaccess protocol for distributed real-time applications.

Persistent Link: It changes the way the question gets answered. No, but delayed answers are not necessary a system failure This is the case when missing the deadline is tolerable but it will affect the quality of the service.

what is hard real time communication

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