What does vintage contemporaries mean

My grandfather started me down the path when he bought me my first baseball cards. My day revolved around the hope that Jonathan Franzen would say something that would piss off the internet. I salute Lorraine Louie and regret her passing.

Vintage Contemporaries Series

The Buick which here is more accurately the age of the one in the story becomes a framing device pictorially, which is exactly what it is in the novel as well. According to my database, which is incomplete, I did seven Vintage Contemporaries covers.

In truth, I liked them both. When gold hunters started buying little seamless sacks to collect dust, Slant weaves his own, improbable tale:. The job involved the constant writing of lists and reviews, searching for any morsel of news I could conjure a take on.

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I bought the reprint rights to this tale told by a whip-smart eleven-year-old orphan from Algonquin of Chapel Hill, whose cover featured a photo of an unmade bed with an old-fashioned metal headboard. English translation by Carolyn French and Nina Karsov. This development changed my profile for a while, because I was known as a poet. I soon found myself burnt out on fiction.

what does vintage contemporaries mean

Cover design by Lorenzo Ottaviani. The Strange Order of Things From one of our preeminent neuroscientists: The books were well-written and meaningful pieces of literature, and the packaging was spot on.

No reading of manuscripts, no intellectual input from the artist at all. It was before the era of submitting a multitude of comps to marketing people, bookseller representatives, and others, where all the parties express their varied opinions. There were seven initial titles. The colors, the style, now that years have passed, transcend what might otherwise have become dated.

As I got older, I never developed an interest in writing fiction, but I needed to find ways to talk about it.

what does vintage contemporaries mean

That book has a character also obsessed with photography, roaming around the west. Cover design by Janet Halverson.

what does vintage contemporaries mean

I can recall standing there and looking at the painting, some strange, uneasy feeling washing over me. I kept on reading, but I felt aimless.

Thanks Sean for your clear focus. Set in Union, Ohio, White Girls follows the early years of Loretta Dardio through a series of related stories that each show a side of her hometown. So where then does California Bloodstock fit in? At any rate, one ball was moved to make that reference a bit less obvious. This site uses cookies. My entire experience with Vintage Contemporaries spoiled me.