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Over the period 16 — 20 Jun 14, the Troop conducted training across the three national parks with Unimog, Land Rover and G-Wagon variants before returning to Gallipoli Barracks. Trucks on Trucks - EX Hamel convoy. The Samson post was cut into five pieces in order to remove it from the Landship.

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During the six week deployment the 30 Tml Sqn Cargo Specialists were required to operate fixed lift assets on the ship, MHE and transport assets to unload and deliver research supplies to the US research facility at McMurdo Station. Equally this information can be a distraction if used in isolation. Meanwhile, the troops left in position endeavoured to maintain a defensive posture within the CSST. The impact on OMTS courses in the immediate future is minimal.

That means in your fourth year in rank you will be presented to PAC for consideration for promotion to the next rank.

This included some past RACT members. This included roles such as VIP driving, resupply and general personnel transport.


A busy year and no change in sight. At this point, due to significant tempo and delays receiving our vehicles from quarantine post-op FA 16, our serviceability was at a record low of two available Mack Cargo vehicles to support the Bde.

For the truckies this meant a hand over take over of all the non support vehicles to us, more than doubling the vehicles we had to look after.

Overall, the all round strong performance of 26 Tpt Sqn proved too much for the composite team of Land 121, 6 RAR and 1 Regt who came in 2nd place, narrowly defeating 5 Tpt Sqn who ended up in 3rd place. In essence, that is what makes the JMCC so unique; is its ability to react to short notice tasks without prejudice.

Into the sunset they march, Under the golden arch. The use of this large, open. When I first got to the squadron there was a lot of talk and planning into raising Bravo Troop, which would become the second Bushmaster Troop within 6 Transport Squadron.

It was a very emotional day for all.

The ceremony commenced with Gun Tractors dropping off four periodic guns to hold ground. Further details will be released through the website. Given the complex nature of these reviews, any significant changes as a result of the ECR will not be realised until 2016. Furthermore, an Administration Clerk was also included on the SED which gave key appointments the opportunity to concentrate on mission critical tasks instead of tedious daily administration issues. Every opportunity needs to be sought to gain exposure to new experiences.

The nature of this tasking can be confronting and coupled with the monotony of being on station for extended periods of time and constant changes of program, lends itself to personal strain.