What does kumusta mean in english


Perhaps those from Batangas can chime in. The standard Tagalog spelling is Kumusta , but most Filipinos now use Kamusta.

KUMUSTA KA AKING MAHAL with English translations(Original by Freddie Aguilar)

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Kumusta o kamusta?

Kayo meaning you, multiple. Your name or email address: I don't think so. Also related to that are the Italian come va?

what does kumusta mean in english

But d problema is i dont quite understand its meanings, coz i find words written in tagalog when translated to english is "somewhat upside down". Tagalog is known formally as Filipino , the name under which Tagalog is designated the national language of the Philippines, as well as an official language alongside English.

what does kumusta mean in english

Po is used for deference or distance, ho is respectful but perhaps a bit familiar too while the absence of either means familiarity or casualness. I also believe kapampangan is a "dialect". Never use the construction "...

Tagalog to English

Ka, meaning "you" "Kumusta kayo" is when you are greeting more than one person with "how are you all ". When you want to be really respectful or deferential, say "Kumusta po sila? My confusion comes from the vocabulary book I use that in one place states that 'kumusta' means 'hi' or 'hallo', though literal meaning is 'how are you?

what does kumusta mean in english

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what does kumusta mean in english

I never heard of the word Pampanggo. I hope it helps! Well, just to be safe, call it a Filipino word.

what does kumusta mean in english

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