What does a fuzzy head means

From worsening anxiety to making depression more likely, sugar is seriously harmful to your mental health. Unless the cause of the psychological hitch is identified and treated, brain fog and depression can evolve into a vicious cycle, which can be quite literally impossible to break out of.

Persistent anxiousness and its stress response consequences can cause persistent brain function changes.

what does a fuzzy head means

Vitamin B-12 supports healthy brain function, and a vitamin B-12 deficiency can bring about brain fog. When brain fog and foggy head are caused by an active stress response, calming yourself down and containing your anxious behavior will bring an end to the active stress response. Sun exposure is the best source, but few people who live in North America and much of Europe can realistically get the sun they need year-round.

Brain fog is an increasingly common problem nowadays: Identifying and successfully addressing anxiety's underlying factors is the best way to overcome problematic anxiety.

what does a fuzzy head means

Menopause-related cognitive glitches usually set in about a year after the last period i. This change in brain functioning makes us more aware of danger and increases our reaction to it.

What is Brain Fog?

Similarly, a drop in estrogen level during menopause can cause forgetfulness, poor concentration, and cloudy thinking. Levels of the hormones progesterone and estrogen increase during pregnancy.

An exhausted brain loses its ability to think, remember, and reason sooner than the body fatigues. Available Therapists. Learn the connection: Sometimes brain fog is caused by lifestyle factors like diet, stress, or lack of sleep and exercise. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Two particularly high risk groups are seniors, who often have poor absorption, and vegetarians, since B12 is found only in animal products.

In this guide, we take an in-depth look at the eight main causes of brain fog. The phospholipids in our brain cells mediate the activity of those neurotransmitters and hormones, as well as form membrane barriers that protect us from charged particles. Brain fog can also occur after cancer treatments.

Brain Fog, Foggy Head Anxiety Symptoms

Particularly when brain fog is a problem, choose one with a high concentration of DHA docosahexaenoic acid. This cognitive state can also make it difficult for you to: There are many other conditions and diseases that list brain fog as a symptom including: For this reason, diabetes patients stand a higher risk of brain fog and related psychological hitches, such as depression and bipolar disorder.

what does a fuzzy head means

About 25 million American men are also experiencing andropause 2 , the gradual decline of testosterone levels. Recent research shows that physical exercise may be the single most important thing you can do for the health and function of your brain. Your Doctor's Name required.