What does a community affairs director doug

what does a community affairs director doug

Here are just a few of the tremendous things people had to say: Her thesis work focused on the strategic enrollment management of women in engineering. Rebecca provides senior-level human resources and labour relations advice to the College and oversees all HR operations, including advisory services, systems and compliance, organizational development, compensation, recruitment, labour relations and disability management.

Rabbi Doug Kahn

Patrick holds a B. Founded in 1938 as the Jewish Survey Committee, dedicated to raising local awareness about the worsening plight of European Jewry, the San Francisco-based JCRC has over the years championed such universal issues as civil rights, fair housing and employment, equality in education, immigration rights and same-sex marriage, and has taken strong stands against nuclear proliferation, South African apartheid and domestic violence.

Prior to that, Patrick enjoyed a 20-year career with Chrysler, where he most recently was Senior Manager of State Relations. She assists at events sponsored by the office on campus or, at times, in the community.

Our Leaders in the Community: Doug Watson

Biomedical Laboratories Ltd. Previously, she was the Executive Director, Simon Fraser University International, providing strategic leadership in the development of international partnerships, initiatives, projects and programs.

what does a community affairs director doug

Dingell in the district as a caseworker and legislative assistant. In this position, Thor is responsible for academic programming and program quality, business development, and academic partnerships.

Senior Management Team (SMT)

Victor Green joined Wayne State University WSU as the director of community relations in April 2005 with more than 20 years of government and community affairs experience. We are a unique, consensus driven entity, serving the entirety of the organized Jewish community in the Bay Area.

Tracey also leads the Training Group as the contract-training arm of the College. All posts by Administrator. Patrick came to Wayne State from Detroit-based Focus: Whereas Rabbi Douglas Kahn has served the Jewish community of the San Francisco Bay Area with distinction for more than 34 years, and is retiring this year.

Sarah joined the College in September 2016, with over 25 years of experience in public post-secondary education.

Meet the Staff

There, she worked to build partnerships with businesses, nonprofits, the public sector and universities to secure participation in the Intern in Michigan program. In this role, he provides leadership to Institutional Research and provides relevant data and analysis to all levels of management, promoting effective, evidenced-based decision making.

what does a community affairs director doug

He is the lead university administrator working to build, create and sustain partnerships throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area. Our Mission. He is an appointed member of the faculty as an adjunct instructor where he teaches a class to medical students on health policy and politics.