What do we do now walkthrough poptropica

Mystery of the Map Island

Now you can swim all the way over to the right and jump out on the side with the tree. Toss the candy bar to Octavian so the Dodos will chase him off, dropping the map in the process. You can now enter the fortress through the chute.

what do we do now walkthrough poptropica

It is based on the graphic novel, Poptropica: Now go to the Dodos and use the goblet by the pile of fish. You'll notice the Dodos have gathered. The key to the minigame is to let the four of you fall slightly to the left and then straighten almost to the top by walking.

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When the cutscene ends, jump on top of the hay bale you hid in and dump the drippings on the guard's head. Head to the waterfall, equip the goblet, and catch a fish by clicking on it. Then, you can go back to the beach right of the tree , and use the shovel to dig the axe out from under the middle of the boat.

what do we do now walkthrough poptropica

When you go back down, you'll see that the rocks have rerouted the whole river! Go to the camp where you got the shovel, and the Viking should be asleep, allowing you to grab the gunpowder. Serve the drinks on the tray to the Vikings. Return to the fortress and the moat will be filled. Please help Poptropica Wiki by expanding it , adding pictures , and improving existing text.

what do we do now walkthrough poptropica

The four of you will escape on a makeshift raft. The three will offer the chance to join, but you'll decline. When you escape, the four of you fall down a waterfall just in time to stop Octavian. Start a Wiki.