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10 Best Drake Songs That Didn't Make the Album

Even though J. I laugh imagining Drake riding around with a young woman, trying to play his music and she'd rather listen to Ludacris. Astounding that something he just gave away would blow up on such a level. Seamlessly transitioning from song to song while keeping the quality and cohesion at the highest level is an art form.

Just a piece of my story. The tragedy of an artist who has given away much in an era where collecting them all will only get harder from here.

what cd is how about now on

What happens if Soundcloud and Apple Music disappear tomorrow? To say he put the beat into a body bag would be understating how promising this record was to Drake fans. Best Of. Celebrate mom with our Mother's Day ranking of hip-hop's best "Mama Songs" of all time. Not the official version. In 2016 that means it might as well not be on an album at all. The most notorious Drake loosie has to be "0 to 100.

To only know Drake for the music on his album is to only witness half of what he has to offer. This is petty music at its finest, the song every rapper dreams of making during the early days of uncertainty. And we're just scratching the surface.

what cd is how about now on

What would happen to most of these songs? It just so happened to be the day his album was being mastered and could not be included in the final track listing for Thank Me Later.

The biggest missed single opportunities from Ye, Hov, Em, K. Buried in the trenches is where some of his best music resides.

what cd is how about now on

With Donald Glover's next album coming soon, we look at the best songs that never found a proper home. How will they find songs that are only placed on physical albums in an era where the CD is slowly dying? Home Features Opinion.

what cd is how about now on

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