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Better turn in now and get some sleep. While all his ship was getting drunk as fast as it could, he remained sober. It was the defiant cry of a mighty spirit. The table was not cleared. I thought.


It was a trick I remembered of my sister, and I knew she would soon be herself again. I had a feeling -- no, don't know what I'm talking about. She finished the concluding stanza without faltering and then slowly guided the conversation into less perilous channels. Once, when he half raised it, I saw the sweat standing in heavy drops on his forehead about the roots of his hair.

Her low hull lifted and rolled to windward on a sea; her canvas loomed darkly in the night; her lashed wheel creaked as the rudder kicked; then sight and sound of her faded away and we were alone on the dark sea. All would be well. Not a drop of liquor passed his lips. The lazarette was directly beneath the cabin, and, opening the trap-door in the floor and carrying a candle with me, I dropped down and began overhauling the ship's stores.

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He made no reply at first, but on my repeating the question he answered, "No, no; I'm all right. All my wrongs and humiliations flashed upon me with a dazzling brightness, all that I had suffered and others had suffered at his hands, all the enormity of the man's very existence. Her wit was playing keenly, and she was enjoying the tilt as much as Wolf Larsen, and he was enjoying it hugely. His body was sagging at the hips, his great shoulders were drooping and shrinking forward.

I was close upon him, my knife uplifted, but I withheld the blow. But whatever he does, he does because he desires to do it. Wolf Larsen sprang on deck, and so swiftly that by the time we followed him he had pulled the steerage-slide over the drunken clamor and was on his way forward to close the forecastle-scuttle.