Photosynthesis where does it happen

In the future, we hope to gain more understanding of the functions of phycobiliproteins and the roles that they may play for the benefit of mankind.

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Where does photosynthesis occur?

Some of the glucose produced by photosynthesis is used for respiration. The remaining green light is reflected back off of the plant, resulting in green color characteristic of a plant using photosynthesis for energy.

Phycobilisome and phycobiliprotein structure. Become a Study.

photosynthesis where does it happen

The overall reaction for photosynthesis as given above is a simplification. Start your subscription to receive your answer and much more.

photosynthesis where does it happen

Cancel before and your credit card will not be charged. Since light has a difficult time penetrating into the oceans, phycobiliproteins make this job easier by absorbing whatever light is available; they absorb the green portion of the light and turn it to red light, which is the color of light required by Chl [ 2 ].

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Photosynthesis Lesson for Kids: The process by which land plants produce their own food using sunlight and carbon dioxide is known as photosynthesis Figure 1. Ultimately, we see that everybody on this planet is dependent on plants for their food. Sciencing Video Vault.

photosynthesis where does it happen

Photosynthesis requires energy to drive the chemical reaction. What Is the Waste Product of Photosynthesis?

The glucose not used for respiration is used in the following ways: Explore our homework questions and answer library Search. How Do Plants Make Oxygen? UExcel Science of Nutrition: Related Content.