Niki savva how old is donald

IRA pub bomb victim, 30, found 'lucky charm' on way to town and gave it to landlord's wife on night he was... She and Peter Costello didn't speak for eight years after she published a book about her time working as his press secretary. But appearances can deceive.

Niki Savva is the author who humiliated Peta Credlin and Tony Abbott

Niki Savva knows a little something about when personal relationships get political. While not alleging an affair between Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin, the book includes accounts of such things as Mr Abbott slapping Ms Credlin on the bottom, and another of her feeding him pasta.

niki savva how old is donald

Niki Savva was born in Choli, a small, remote village in Cyprus. Play video. Someone even sent her photos of the pair holidaying in France.

Credlin called her a "so-called journalist".

niki savva how old is donald

Niki Savva with current speaker Tony Smith and other former advisers to prime minister John Howard in 2001. Mr Woolcock has worked for every Liberal leader since Billy Sneddon.

niki savva how old is donald

She started working as a political journalist in February 1974, during the height of Gough Whitlam's prime ministership pictured. Niki Savva pictured worked for Treasurer Peter Costello for six years and as a political journalist in Canberra for decades prior to writing her explosive book. As a reporter and a staffer she has come face-to-face with all the biggest names in politics over the past 40 years, including young up-and-comer Tony Abbott and her husband, Vincent Woolcock.

Road to Ruin: Niki Savva on lying and separating home and politics

Nocookies The Australian. He would text her, cheerfully praising her newspaper columns 'Niki, good piece and got a good chuckle from the cartoon. As MPs prepare for another crucial round of votes and second referendum talk... Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis...

Niki Savva: How journalist went from conservative darling to Abbott 'she devil'

So just who is this plugged-in Liberal Party insider who - after reporting rumours of an affair between Mr Abbott and Ms Credlin in her book Road to Ruin - has caused such an earthquake in the political world?

Tony Abbott and former chief-of-staff Peta Credlin asked Savva's former editor to sack her.

niki savva how old is donald

Not one. Born in Choli, a small village in remote Cyprus, her parents Elpiniki and Andreas joined thousands of Greek migrants in hopping on boats to Australia in the early 1950s. Follow us on Twitter. Detective mother-of-two, 44, facing sack for breaking...