Mastectomy drains painful when removed

Welcome to Breastcancer. Log in to post a reply Aug 1, 2007 02: Mastectomy Drains Posted by stillprocessing on Jul 28, 2015 11: This Fanny Pack wraps around your waist and sometimes the pack dips low.

Mastectomy: What to Expect

Dec 2004 Posts: They are warm and imperfectly round and just what I needed mentally. Chen, C. This is normal - in the words of my doctor, "as the retracted muscles start to wake up, they get pissed.

mastectomy drains painful when removed

The pressure was so painful. I waited till I was at 20 ml for one or two days and my surgeon said it would be ok to take the drains out.

mastectomy drains painful when removed

This is due to damage to the nerves during surgery. Jun 2007 Posts: Terms of Use. My body is as important to me now as it was when I was younger.

mastectomy drains painful when removed

Is this fluid build up normal? Jul 22, 2018.

Topic: Drain Removal-- is it very painful???

Jul 29, 2007 01: I didn't worry about this - don't know why I didn't -- turned out to be totally pain free. Skip to Main Content.

mastectomy drains painful when removed

I hope that you manage to get an appointment with your surgeon soon, as this is a painless procedure, but you feel so much better after it is done.