Makeup how long does it last

The short answer is: Powders can last up to two years — yey — but remember to watch out for discolouration, waxy build up or a change in smell.

makeup how long does it last

Liquids and creams last between six to 12 months as they contain more water, oils and hydrating agents which shortens the shelf-life and has an increased risk of bacterial contamination. Foundations and concealers can also last anywhere from six months to a year. Store your summer hue in the fridge.

The complete guide to makeup expiration dates you REALLY need to know

For example, common sense tells you a sticky, goopy lip gloss that smells should be thrown away. Remember what we told you about pumping your mascara? Next up: Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Brown agreed that being exposed to air is the biggest issue. Powders can go bad too! Throw it out if you've had an eye infection, notice any changes to texture, colour, smell or once it dries out.

makeup how long does it last

Nail polish, on the other hand, typically only lasts a little over a year once opened and exposed to air. Nail polish can last for longer, but if it's getting dry or the colors have separated completely, just get rid of it.

Last but not least, make sure to securely close the lids of products you are using, especially ones that live in the humid shower! How much of these skin care products should you apply? Want to extend the shelf life of your beauty products?

Does makeup really expire? Here's how to know for sure

Deciding how long to keep your go-to mascara in rotation or when to toss that miracle skin care cream can be downright confusing.

Replacing your mascara regularly is incredibly important to avoid eye infections.

makeup how long does it last

If your mascara gets dry, don't add water, just toss it. Also, avoid using an emollient or greasy concealer before you apply.

makeup how long does it last

From The Blog. Three months with everyday use and six months with occasional use. If a product has many active ingredients like an SPF and it's susceptible to bacteria — for instance, if air hits a product when you open the jar, or you store it in a damp room or warm bathroom — it can be pretty likely to harbor bacteria.

Make-up expiry dates: How to tell if your cosmetics are past it

It could depend on the ingredients found in your shampoos, conditioners and styling products said hairstylist Sunnie Brook , a part of Tomlinson Management Group. In general, liquids and creams expire fastest, while powders tend to last much longer. Perfumes can last as long as three to five years, but let your nose be the guide for figuring out when it's time to toss your fragrances.