Lego roboriders combo instructions how to tie

Lava Buggy. Power Bike.

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Persistent rumors claim that the characters depicted on the Talisman Wheels are internet-dwellers who constructed the RoboRiders to combat the invading virus, but without a source the veracity of this story detail remains uncertain. The second release wave consisted solely of 8516 The Boss, a larger-scale model that could be built in two configurations, one of which allows the RoboRider to separate its upper chassis from its wheels for flight mode.

The Boss received comparatively little marketing, but a Shop at Home catalog description says it has the brain of a human. Start a Wiki. RoboRider Wheels. It is unclear if this was intended to be reflective of the story concept for RoboRiders in its entirety, or merely a prompt that would tie in to the web-based games unlockable with the codes from the RoboRider cans - as of yet no print-based sources that describe the story have been made available.

The RoboRiders were designed as robotic, anthropomorphic bikes, complete with a face and special gear to suggest adaption to a specific environment - for example, Swamp has two katana mounted near its front wheel to cut through undergrowth.

lego roboriders combo instructions how to tie

Skeleton Stunner Toxic Twin-Saw. The main selling point of the RoboRiders, however, was their talisman wheels. Dirt Bike.

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Additionally, instructions for the following combinations were available on the RoboRiders website:. Sign In Don't have an account? These tools usually integrated a play function - pressing down on Swamp's head swings the katana forward. The RoboRiders website describes a story where the bikes battle against a virus on the web. Each RoboRider had instructions for a combination model in the back of the instruction manual.

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Like the discs from Slizer before them, the RoboRiders wheels are also collectible, with the ones included in each set random-packed, and more availible from 8515 RoboRider Wheels see Talisman Wheels below.

It succeeded Slizer as a series of affordably priced characters with the suggestion of a world and story behind them. With the development of what would become BIONICLE taking more time than anticipated, a toy was needed to keep something new on the market in the interim between that line's launch and the end of Slizer.

lego roboriders combo instructions how to tie

Volcano Climber. Retrieved from " https: Each RoboRider came with either two or three talisman wheels, and more could be found random-packed in 8515 RoboRider Wheels. Small combiners featured on the back of the Kabaya Roborider sets.

lego roboriders combo instructions how to tie

The pairs were as follows:. The Boss. The 5 ComboRiders. The wheels are randomly decorated with one of sixteen talismans:. Class 4.