How to use podcast publisher on mac

Here are the steps to submit your podcast to iTunes 1. As a result, listeners had to comb through a cluttered list of real episodes, trailers, and other stuff.

Possible Submission Errors Validation can fail for several different reasons. Getting started with Feeder is easy. Also, look at how many lines of description are shown before someone has to click "more" to see the rest and then make sure your most important information is above that line.

how to use podcast publisher on mac

With Feeder, editing items in your feed is as straightforward as writing an email and it's easy to add links and images to enrich your content. It comes with some pretty cool features including which episode was tuned out, the average completion rate, total time listened, and consumption rate per device.

how to use podcast publisher on mac

Thanks to Allison Sheridan for the use of her NosillaCast podcast in screenshots. Depending on the size of changes you have made, it may take a few hours to update your podcast.

You can now go ahead and share it with the world. You also need to validate the RSS feed before submitting it to Apple podcasts.

how to use podcast publisher on mac

Feeds can be scheduled for publication. In other words, you need to know how to submit podcasts to iTunes if you want your podcast to be a successful one.

How to Submit Podcast to iTunes: A Complete Guide

The general principle is that the more you pay, the better the quality and features you get, but balance this what you need, and you can always upgrade later. How can I get more subscribers?

Audio Hijack Pro comes with a number of session templates to get you started with common tasks and a drag-and-drop interface to customize these to suit your use case. It is no longer required to set up your RSS feed manually.

how to use podcast publisher on mac

Today in Apple history: If your podcast becomes popular, this can increase your fees or result in service outages. Still, Apple has made it a lot easier for podcasters to produce better podcasts. Recent updates to macOS have reduced the options for analog audio interfaces that work well with Macs, but hopefully, manufacturers or Apple will solve these issues soon.

Buzzsprout works to give you all the technical advantages you need to get subscribers including the seamless hosting, RSS feed maintenance and audio optimization for playback, the rest is up to you!

Click the validate button. Enter the amazing Audio Hijack Pro , a versatile recording application. Posted in: Then start spreading the word about your new show!

Publishing in Apple Podcasts (iTunes)

Get Started Quickly Getting started with Feeder is easy. Apple will review it soon and notify you. You will need to reduce the size of your RSS feed.