How to use galaxy s4 for beginners

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Step-by-step tutorial

I got your guide for my parents who I know are struggling with their Galaxy phone. With a subscription, you can read any page and watch any video from our library online.

how to use galaxy s4 for beginners

Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. How to enable volume key to change text size on Galaxy S4 Messaging app? How to set mobile data limits on Galaxy S4?

how to use galaxy s4 for beginners

But the Mini is still packed with power—more than many other phones that call themselves full sized. About the Samsung Galaxy S4.

how to use galaxy s4 for beginners

Go to http: The information on this website is provided for educational purposes, free of charge, for the benefit of all visitors. Here are some of the highlights:.

how to use galaxy s4 for beginners

New sensors. Go to www.

how to use galaxy s4 for beginners

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Using this amazing new feature, you can scroll through web pages and other screens just by moving your eyes.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Tutorials, How Tos and Tips Part 1

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First, you must ensure that you have all the requirements:. Move your hands to browse the Web, scroll through email, and do plenty more as well. Air Gestures.

Quick Start Guide, Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S4

Don't waste your time struggling to learn all of the Galaxy's features on your own, you will waste a lot of your precious time and you may mess up your Galaxy's settings. You will have no problem surfing the web, downloading apps, watching videos, making phone calls, sending text messages, personalizing your phone, and exploring all your Galaxy's features. I was lost my phone admin on How do I copy reviews on the Google Play store?

To have your say, go to www. How to enable Assistant Menu on Galaxy S4?