How to treat leaf miner bugs

The hind wings and body are white, with long fringe scales extending from the hindwing margins.

How to Get Rid of Leaf Miners

Leafminer's Habitat Leafminers can be found throughout the United States, although they are not as ruinous in the northern states. Larval damage normally has little or no effect on plant growth and almost never kills a plant, unless the plant is in the seedling stage of growth.

how to treat leaf miner bugs

You do not need to release parasites, because many native parasite species that attack other leafminer species will also find your citrus trees and attack citrus leafminer. The larvae overwinter in the soil of your garden and emerge in the spring as young adults.


Systemic insecticides which are absorbed by the plants and can kill the leaf miners either contain ingredients that are banned in some areas or are not allowed to be used on edible plants. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. As the larva grows, its serpentine path of mines becomes more noticeable. Good trap crops for leaf miners are columbine, lambsquarter and velvetleaf a large annual plant that is a member of the mallow family.

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how to treat leaf miner bugs

They are brightly colored because each type of pest is attracted to certain colors. Availability of pheromone trap producers is subject to change.

how to treat leaf miner bugs

I don't use pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Floating row covers are also helpful.

how to treat leaf miner bugs

That poison will not stay confined to the plants you are spraying. Avoid using sulfur based fungicides within the active period 5-7 days of the neem oil product. Some larvae may create a mottled look from their feeding.

how to treat leaf miner bugs

This common name comes from the larval stage of the insect eating and mining inside the leaves of its host plant. Spray the neem oil product in accordance with directions on the product label.