How to throw a slider left handed

How to Throw a Slider

Click here to subscribe. Remember to have it cocked slightly, but resist the urge to twist it side to side it when you release the pitch. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Put your thumb under the opposite inside seam, but remember to conceal your grip in your glove so the batter can't see what you're throwing.

Step By Step: How To Throw A Slider

The side of your hand should always face the batter, and your wrist should always finish at your left hip again, right-handed. Share yours! Put pressure on your index finger. BuckeyeB follow.

how to throw a slider left handed

One of the big misconceptions in baseball is that playing the game keeps you in shape to pitch. You try this pitch at your own risk.

how to throw a slider left handed

Aim for the slider to break on the inside or outside of the plate. Try learning a cutter. I love sports in basketball I play point guard in baseball I play pitcher and first base in soccer I play every where. If you throw hard for your age, a slider may be a good second pitch to pick up and learn how to throw.

Your feet should be parallel at the end of the pitch and your throwing arm should come across the front of your body. Pitching Grips: A Anonymous Aug 5, 2016.

how to throw a slider left handed

The slider is an effective pitch whether thrown to same side or opposite side hitters. Also, try to aim at the left shoulder of a right handed batter, as this is a good aiming spot for the break to be efficient. This will maximize bottom-left break if you are a right-handed pitcher. A slider is an easy pitch to learn to throw, yet is a difficult pitch to control because it must be thrown almost entirely in one spot- low and on the outside corner of the plate to a right-handed batter and waist-high and inside to a left-handed batter.

how to throw a slider left handed