How to thaw out frozen pipes underground

how to thaw out frozen pipes underground

Much of their winter business is devoted to thawing pipes so they are quite good at it and they will usually have specialized equipment that is designed specifically for this purpose.

If the blockage is located in part of the pipe that you have access to, you will have more options for easily thawing the pipe than if the frozen portion is enclosed behind a wall.

how to thaw out frozen pipes underground

In the end, I think each of my attempts, with salt water sitting overnight, flushing hot water from the other end, and sealed up closet with space heater, did some good.

It melt the icy window on cars, pls let me know, we need water, been without it for 2 days now! Any ideas will be welcomed!!

How to Unfreeze Pipes & Prevent Damage

Open closet and cabinet doors so the warm air circulates as close to the walls as possible. Use the North Pole and begin to spiral it leaving 2-3 feet between every lap of the spiral. Make sure that there is no wind or breeze near water supplies.

how to thaw out frozen pipes underground

My temperature gauge outside said -30 degrees. Wheather, pun intended, its your well line or storage tank line. Follow him at twitter.

how to thaw out frozen pipes underground

Otherwise, you can thaw out the pipe by wrapping the pipe in a single layer of thermal tape or blowing air from a hair dryer back and forth across the pipe. Hang up tarps or blankets to trap the heat in a smaller area, but don't let them come into direct contact with the heat source.

If the frozen pipe is located in an area you can easily access, you have several options for attempting to thaw the pipe. This method works very quickly.

Got Frozen Pipes? What To Do To Get Water Flowing Again!

It took a good 45min — 1hr, but it was valentines day and a good memory! But forget the equator and circling the Earth. Thanks a lot for your time. Once you find the exact location of the blockage, you can get to work right away and focus your efforts on getting heat to the sections that are actually frozen. Apply heat tape. The fine print warranty is often limited to the replacement cost of the product ONLY. Turn off the main water supply and then follow these steps:

how to thaw out frozen pipes underground