How to tell ed hardy authenticity

Not a Hologram. Up-Close Detail: The bulldog logo is a bit smaller than usual, and the tag is also a little shorter.

How to Spot Fake Ed Hardy Shirts

Do not dismiss something with this tag right away! That said, like Coach, Ed Hardy does separate itself from the mainstream run of the mill Chinese product due to some signature features. LKS logo in screenprint. The colors blend well together.

how to tell ed hardy authenticity

MOST if not all of the t-shirts have the bulldog on them. Authentic Ed Hardy Made Man: Ed Hardy tags are usually large and asymmetrical in shape. The middle zipper pocket is lined with the red material and the pull tab has a piece of metal with the logo protruding off of it.

how to tell ed hardy authenticity

Because of wear and tear, the logo has faded. To begin, most scarves are supposed to come with some sort of case, which looks like this: The outline is still there, but my camera could not pick it up it's hard to see, anyways.

how to tell ed hardy authenticity

Feb 2010 Location: Originally Posted by treasurehoard. It's really not fair to the company.

how to tell ed hardy authenticity

Rivet Detail: The stitching creates a tiny diamond shape pattern. Look at the colours of the item. The official websites often have sales and promo codes sometimes even for clearance items so just wait for them to go on sale. Look for plastic pieces in place of the string , plain holes instead of riveted ones, and words that are spelled wrong.

Detail, detail!

How to Tell a Fake Ed Hardy

Even to me it's hard to tell it's a fake from it. Odds are, if you find an Ed Hardy item for cheaper than that, it is fake. The back logo does include "By Christian Audigier", as shown. Ed Hardy Logo Stretch Jean: If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

how to tell ed hardy authenticity

Information About Indian Clothing. I can't even tell what the character the fake one is trying to be...