How to search categories on netflix ps4

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These Secret Netflix Codes Can Show You Hidden Search Categories And Genres

Select the gear icon. How to find Netflix's hidden categories 1. Whether you want to find a new film in a genre you've watched to death, or explore a whole new genre that you've never tried before, just plug this code into the URL to find a list of all relevant films and shows. You can find thousands of secret search categories by simply modifying the Netflix genre codes at the end of the url.

Though someone figured out a long time ago that you could change the numbers on the end of a Netflix genre URL and get some secret hidden genre codes, the information seems to have only recently disseminated to the larger population.

how to search categories on netflix ps4

Or, just play around on your console. See related. Press the Options button on your controller.

Using Netflix on your PlayStation

Top Stories. How to get American Netflix in the UK: Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Select OK. How To: Once the device finishes deactivating, you can connect as a different user.

how to search categories on netflix ps4

Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Netflix streaming features on PlayStation 4 include: According to Gizmodo , there are nearly 77,000 secret Netflix genre codes to choose from.

how to search categories on netflix ps4

UFC 3 Review: Just make it where if you hit left, you go to the bar, and if you hit left again, you go to the end of the row you were on.

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how to search categories on netflix ps4

The codes work in every region that has Netflix, and even show you sub-genres and films on your list that are in that genre. Sometimes, you want to try something new, and the best thing for that is to use Netflix's hidden genre codes.

how to search categories on netflix ps4

Musicals, Romance and Sci-fi 5. BBS' Ventus is the most adorable, cutest thing ever. To do it manually all you have to do is log into your Netflix account and click on a genre.

How to Access Netflix Secret Menus in 2019