How to replace bathtub stopper lever

Step 3 Firmly grasping the suction cup, pull the stopper straight up and out of the drain body.

How to Replace a Bathtub Drain Lever

Step 4 Now remove the second screw completely while holding onto the faceplate. Step 3 Once one of the screws is removed then hold the faceplate securely and begin to slowly remove the other screw. We recommend replacing pop-up bathtub stoppers with a different kind of stopper, as the rocker arms are difficult to replace and there are simply better, easier-to-use tub drain options out there.

If you own a drain lever with a pop up style, you first need to adjust the lever making sure that the stopper is at the highest possible spot so that you will be able to remove the stopper.

How To Remove A Bathtub Drain Stopper

In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey explains how to fix a bathtub drain stopper. Most will have a strainer plate covering the drain. More in Tubs Step-by-step instructions for installing wall tile around a bathtub. Trip Lever or Plunger Style.

Always remember to check with local code authorities before beginning any project.

how to replace bathtub stopper lever

Many have entire faceplates that rotate like on some cable operated bath wastes. When a drain lever is not functioning well, water in your tub will constantly drip out and you will need to constantly replace the leaking water. Step 1 With the stopper in the "open" position like you are emptying your tub , hold the body of the stopper and slowly turn the stopper knob and look for a visible set screw on the knob.

How to Fix a Bathtub Drain Stopper

Remove the Strainer In removing the strainer, there are 2 scenarios that you might encounter. How to identify which stopper you have: Considering two types of drain lever, there are also different ways on how to replace them.

If the cylindrical brass plunger isn't attached to the end of the linkage, use a flexible retriever to reach down into the overflow hole and grab the plunger. Typically, you do not need to remove the screw entirely, simply loosen it enough to remove the stopper.

how to replace bathtub stopper lever

Plunger tub drains have a stopper located inside the waste and overflow pipe, and are activated using a Trip Lever or Turn Style overflow plate. How to Remove a Pop-Up Stopper. This might take you a couple of tries since the stopper will want to rotate with the pressure.

how to replace bathtub stopper lever

If you need help figuring out how to remove or replace your tub drain stopper, you've come to the right place. All you have to do is pull up on the stopper to open it, but with lift and turn stoppers it can often be a hassle to find the right spot where the stopper will stay up or go back down. A problem in the drain lever will yield defective water holding capacity.

Make sure it's all gone before you toss the tube.