How to remove roots from toilet drain

When your toilet is stopped up, first make sure the other fixtures or other toilets are draining. It can break tree roots into small pieces, allowing them to pass through the pipe, which clears the pipe.

How Tree Roots Can Cause Drain Line Clogs

It could take a few weeks to completely kill the roots, depending on how big they are. While the above methods of clearing out roots in your sewage lines are affordable in comparison to calling a professional service to do it for you, preventing the problem from ever occurring is obviously the cheapest route available to you.

how to remove roots from toilet drain

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how to remove roots from toilet drain

Resources 1 U. Let the compound work its magic for 8 to 12 hours, avoiding flushing your toilet or running any water that will drain into your affected pipe.

how to remove roots from toilet drain

This will, of course, cause all kinds of problems. Affordable plans for inevitable breakdowns. The Problem Solid, sealed sewer lines aren't susceptible to tree roots. Popular Posts Hiring A Plumber: This will verify that you have roots under your toilet.

how to remove roots from toilet drain

Customer Service Newsroom Contacts. But backing up in the streets. After the toilet is up, you can see the roots underneath.

Home Remedy to Kill Roots in a Sewer Pipe

Flushing small amounts of copper sulfate down the toilet every few months can help serve as preventative maintenance. Only introduce copper sulfate through the toilet.

how to remove roots from toilet drain

Environmental Protection Agency: Copper sulfate kills and dissolves tree roots as they absorb the tank's water. Believe it or not, this problem is more common as you think.

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