How to make wave board tricks

how to make wave board tricks

This is called a grab. About This Article.

How to choose your waveboard?

Help answer questions Learn more. Grab the center bar of the waveboard for a technical trick. In this Article: Beginner adults will prefer classic bearings such as ABEC 5. If your group of friends only has 2 waveboards, you can set up a relay race where the original rider hops off and a new racer hops on halfway through the race, or after a full lap. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

how to make wave board tricks

Wear safety gear. It's also important for your waveboard to have grips. You might want to move your arms slowly around. Wiggle gently with your non-dominant foot to gain speed.

Waveboard Riding and Tricks

Co-Authored By:. I would recommend getting a waterproof GoPro. Reply Upvote.

how to make wave board tricks

If you find this hard, try doing it still and holding onto something. Duck down while you ride for your first trick. This is a cool way to start instead of pushing. Then move your feet as far apart as possible to keep your balance. They are to do with the rotating bar in the middle of the board.

Play Protectors x 3 - Black. It isn't impossible, but it will be harder to do some of the jumping tricks with a heavier rip stick, just like with a skateboard. Most cities will have a skate-park with bowls, large domes in the ground that you can use to propel yourself upwards.