How to make poster board borders

PreK—K , 1—2 , 3—5 , 6—8. Using butcher paper that is larger than your bulletin board, paste it onto the board so that it is flowing over the corners.

how to make poster board borders

You can use them as rewards for jobs well done or create instant dress-up for plays. Fall poetry is framed by fake leaves, and leftover ticket rolls from festivals make cute borders too.

Twenty Ideas for Bulletin Board Borders

Keep it all current and thematic by changing your dividers to match the season. Staple the folded corner and let the top fan outward. I used mine for a Harry Houdini-themed board, but they can add magic to any topic.

The bonus is a wider border, meaning less space you have to fill on the board! Use race cars, or any other image related to your board's topic.

Cut the fronts off different cereal boxes for a bright and happy look.

No more! You can create ruffled boarders with cheap streamers. Cover tack strips with a border for a more finished and attractive hanging space. When displaying our Snowman Construction Company, students learned symmetry by cutting snowflakes, which then served as our border.

Classroom Decorations

Meghan's Most Recent Posts. Most border material is thick enough to stand up to repeated use and the fun colors and designs are appealing for kids. Read How Big is a Foot? See how to host a successful parent night with a little help from Clifford!

how to make poster board borders

Instant Display Areas. Checkout Now. Practice measurements using your leftover border pieces. More About.

how to make poster board borders

Grades PreK—K , 1—2 , 3—5 , 6—8. This is a lifesaver around the back of my desk where pens fall past the computer into a wasteland. They can be done for as little as nine cents each in some places!