How to get tenure in nyc doe

Search this site: Stay Connected. News Is Homework Too Easy? Kathleen Elvin became the bete noire of the teachers union after charging several teachers with incompetence at John Dewey High School, a storied Brooklyn institution that was slated to close when she arrived in 2012.

Fact Sheet 15-15: Changes to tenure and the tenured teacher removal process

Decision Written decision within ten days of the last day of the hearing. Chapter 56 amended Section 305 of Education Law to extend the duty of the Commissioner of Education to revoke the certification of a teacher upon certain criminal convictions. Related content. In perhaps the most straightforward and disturbing case , a Brooklyn English Language Arts teacher repeatedly met a 12-year-old student in her home or a motel near the school and had sex with him, sometimes intoxicating him first.

The parties jointly select the hearing officer within seven days after receiving a list of potential hearing officers from the Commissioner.

All you need to know about getting tenure

Download complete document pdf Updates Fact Sheet No: How does the teacher evaluation system affect the process of achieving tenure? Nineteen teachers worked in three Bronx districts where at least 89 percent of the students are poor — compared with 74 percent citywide — and which enroll some of the largest chronically absent and homeless populations.

The UFT offers tenure workshops in its borough offices. If affirmative decision, written statement forwarded immediately to employee by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested, or personal delivery specifying: Add a brief explanation or context for each piece of evidence you include and be sure to show how you differentiate to accommodate children with diverse abilities.

how to get tenure in nyc doe

Other teachers recommend digital record-keeping, using online resources to organize files. These ratings do not need to be consecutive. Pre-Hearing Conference.

how to get tenure in nyc doe

A Board of Education can agree to extend the probationary period an additional year thus offering a fifth probationary year. Forty-one worked at schools that later closed or are currently targeted for closure or turnaround by state and city officials. Adding insult to injury, the arbitrator misspelled the name of the school throughout the decision.

how to get tenure in nyc doe

Nearly all who survived dismissal were fined or suspended. There are two ways to reduce your probationary period: For charges of physical or sexual abuse of a student: The Commissioner must appoint the hearing officer if the two parties are unable to agree.

how to get tenure in nyc doe

Download complete document pdf.