How to get dbsign to work

I would uninstall any and all CAC software that you installed and only install one. Jan 6, 2009 Messages: See the seciont above concerning Safari configuration. Works now. Open the Advanced tab.

Still having problems? Have already done it on two other computers with successful fix. Agree x 1. Here, you will see a section titled "Internet plug-ins" with a button that says " Website settings... Do I need to download the DBsign software?

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Site Map. Answer 1-1: If you have Safari 6.

how to get dbsign to work

I am using the latest version of Safari. I did google it and saw someone mention updating Java, but that didn't fix it. Sep 18, 2013 Messages: In order to grant the necessary permissions to web sites running DBsign, you must edit Safari's security preferences. Use the Internet Explorer executable located at: If you have questions or suggestions for this site, contact Michael J.

how to get dbsign to work

Ok, I figured it out. I'll post the findings to this forum. Chris , Mar 12, 2014.

Using DBsign on OS X/MacOS

So, I tell people to remember the last 2 digits of the serial number of the cert that works and always use that one. Java has a test page that you can use to verify that Java is functioning; go to http: This gives DBsign all the permissions it needs to run properly.

how to get dbsign to work

Test Java at: Sunday, 15 February 2015 11: Log in or Sign up.