How to cs better lol adc masteries

Her Q is the source of her poke; in the early game she may want to opt to level her Q — especially if partnered alongside other champions with strong poke potential.

Challenger ADC's Guide to Lane Matchups Pt. 1: Trade vs Catch

The ability will easily drain her mana quickly, especially in the early game, resulting in her severely missing out and having to back in an unfortunate bad timing. Baptiste guide Everything we know so far about Overwatch's 30th Hero.

how to cs better lol adc masteries

Sylas guide - Abilities and tips L. A advanced technique to also practice for team fights and general play is attack-moving. Xayah can then move in for the clean up, securing that important first blood and snowballing the lane. Scourge of the Past raid guide Everything we know so far about Scourge of the Past. Season 8 guide - release date, theme, Battle Pass cost and rewards Everything we know so far about Fortnite Season 8. Overwatch O Overwatch Overwatch: Good, beginner-friendly ADCs include Ashe, Caitlyn and Sivir, while we also have a list of the best ADC champions overall if you want to look at some other potential options.

how to cs better lol adc masteries

Positioning, then, is the most vital thing to learn. It will come in handy for a number of stuns and knocks her opposing team has to offer. Clean Cuts. The Legend rune, as well as Coup de grace can also be interchangeable, depending on the scenario. Most importantly though, it should be used to control her enemies, positioning around the team fight, making sure to survive as well as deal as much damage as foreseeably possible.

League of Legends: ADC guide - How to play ADC

Furthermore, she can store up to five empowered attacks. Often Sorcery will be the second tree to build, with the passive increase of MS and AD throughout the game. Instead, you may aim to attack her enemy AD, as they go in for a CS, when possible, trading ever so slightly in her favour, until she has the strength to pounce, or her support can find an opening.

This is where you take small steps between your auto-attack animation, giving you some room to reposition or dodge incoming skill shots. It has the potential to bait out multiple other abilities, resulting in a shift in power to your team.

If she can weave in and out of the fight, picking at her target, while taking as little damage as possible, the fight will surely drop into her favour. Next she will build into heavy AD, where her basic attacks will chunk down her opponents.

How to get the Ray Gun Everything you need to know about locating and spawning this powerful weapon.

How to play as League of Legends’ Xayah

Her passive itself has strong wave clearing potential, working extremely well with attack speed items. Xayah may likely be focused in a team fight, but thankfully she has a strong kiting ability, when accompanied with peel from her team-mates. Sign in with Facebook.

She should try and avoid being totally alone in the late game:

how to cs better lol adc masteries