How to cook bini black soup

Pick the efinrin or basil leaves off the stalk, rinse and blend too, then set aside 4.

Nigerian Black Soup

Unknown September 17, 2015 at 3: This soup turned out an instant hit with the fam and didn't even last in the pot till the next day. This will enable you take advantage of abundant opportunities that abound for study, business, investment and tourism potentials. By now, you should have added the offals to the pot of meats.

how to cook bini black soup

Descretion is needed here as the quantity of fruits determines the volume of water required. Related Posts: While doing this, make sure the pot is left uncovered otherwise it'd bubble out.

From the people of Edo State – Black Soup

My mum however stayed with her granma and had all the traditional perks to fly with it. Every girl in house learnt to use it even though we have blender.

how to cook bini black soup

All others are added in proportions depending on whether u want a more peppery or bitter taste. Tnx for trying out my recipe and also following my blog.

How To Prepare Black Soup, A Benin Delight

It is called Black soup because of the colour. Add seasoning cubes and salt to taste, stir and cook for 2mins 6.

how to cook bini black soup

Thank God I can use blender. Hello Henrietta.

how to cook bini black soup

The aroma is heavenly. Aunty Iquo i want to be your friend your Posts are always wonderful. Hi, Ronke. Let the palm cream dissolve.

how to cook bini black soup

I am preparing this soup from memory. I tried this soup yesterday.