How to control master hand in brawl

how to control master hand in brawl

He fights with a diverse move set and only grows stronger if you make him angry. So if this glitch is preformed and then crashes the game upon entering a match, it is most likely because the chip of the Master Hand player was created and changed the player's character ID number to 21.

The Official Master Hand Guide

That's kinda silly. Start a Wiki.

how to control master hand in brawl

Hey, we get it. If a player is in the middle of their jump, they will be meteor smashed, therefore the ram attack cannot KO a grounded player unless the player is at a very high percentage. I was having fun messing around with him, but I couldn't figure out how to do some of the moves. Joined Jan 9, 2008 Messages 2,588 Location Under the ground. Master Hand's playable viability was referenced in the tenth Melee tier list.

His moveset is slightly altered, he loses the ability to turn around, and his HP is altered based on the difficulty for example, he only has 150 HP when fought on Very Easy mode, where Super Smash Bros.

Crazy Hand

Brawl during the Boss Battles mode, he does not actually appear as a boss of the Subspace Emissary. Those are the available commands for Master Hand.

how to control master hand in brawl

Crazy Hand can only be played via hacking with an Action Replay. Even if they are half serious. Super Smash Bros.

how to control master hand in brawl

Crazy Hand punches across the stage and is caught by Master Hand. Also, if many characters are chosen on a hazardous stage like Corneria or Mute City , the game may freeze at the beginning. This method is much simpler, but only works in Melee or Special Melee mode.

how to control master hand in brawl

A hand not wearing a glove does appear, though, which some people believe to be Master Hand's true form, though this has not been confirmed by the developers. Signia said: Oh wow.

Master Hand

It is assumed that Master Hand is the representation of the child who owns the trophies collected throughout the game. You are currently viewing our boards as a visitor.

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