How to chink a log home

What You'll Need. When applied correctly to close air leaks your cost is quickly recouped by stopping energy loss.

how to chink a log home

Made in U. Apply chinking over one coat, and then apply a second coat of log finish the following year.

how to chink a log home

My family and I built our log home and I was dreading the chinking process. Chink Paint.

To Chink or Not to Chink

We wouldnt leave it on too long though - the chinking was applied over top a silver insulated backing material my husband purchased from our local big hardware store. Summer is the season for enjoying the outdoors, for basking in the sunshine, boating on the water, hiking in the mountains, or gardening in your own backyard.

Let us walk you through how to chink a log home, or repair old chinking on your older log home, to keep the air, bugs, and wet weather where it belongs — outside.

how to chink a log home

Paraffinic oils like in X-100 can cause adhesion failures. Because of the amazing help that I received from this company, I've begun the process of replacing the chinking with tan Permachink. This is a great product.

how to chink a log home

Inspiration Gallery. Chinking, when smoothed, will create some milky run-off.

How To Chink A Log Home

Perma-Chink is a flexible, textured chinking that seals the open gaps between logs to eliminate heat loss and air infiltration. Shelf Life 1 year Application Temperature 40 o to 90 o Do not freeze! We couldn't be happier with the products and customer service we got from you folks there.

how to chink a log home

The chinking is tops, stain is very durable and easy to apply. My logs are hand-hewned with the original style chinking so we used I think 25 pails of chinking and none of it has failed. Heart and Soul A milled log home in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec is a welcome retreat from city life. It worked great and was easy to use! Stain the joints with a compatible finish. I just put some on our cabin last week and it matches our 30-year-old chinking very well.

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Woodchink - sealing log home with flat logs style

I was very nervous to aplly it by myself and I had a contractor lined up to give me a bid. Butter knives, rubber spatulas, and foam brushes like the Paint Wand are used.