How to carve a football cake

Football Cake

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how to carve a football cake

Using your favourite boxed mix or cake recipe, bake a 10-inch round cake following the package or recipe directions. Learn the structure and decorating techniques you need to create amazing football and sports shoe cakes. Jan Scott January 30, 2019.

how to carve a football cake

This will offer more cake slices and present more of a 3D shaped cake. Want more? So we're kicking off football season with a snack play that goes way beyond the expected.

how to carve a football cake

Serving suggestions: Pipe three lines in a row about 2 inches from one of the pointed ends of the football. Toronto Ottawa Calgary Vancouver Victoria. Use the same tip to create the bands on either end of the football. By Erin Gardner January 06, 2019 06: Bring the two rounded pieces of cake together to form your football shape. First Last.

How to Make a Football Cake (Without Using a Specialty Pan)

Use the icing spatula to smooth the lines together to create a thicker band. Actions Facebook Pinterest Twitter Save. Become a member for exclusive access to endless creative inspiration. Similar Related Posts: Use your knife to lightly score a line down the center of the 6-inch round cake. Cake Decorating. Now Reading. And this one is so easy, you're basically guaranteed a win. Get Savvy Straight to Your Inbox.

How to make a football cake for a birthday party ( soccer ball )

Set aside the middle portion for pre-game munching.