How to be suggested user instagram

Brian Carpenter - February 2, 2016 I've been Instagram overloaded for a while now. Some of which will hop on and like a handful of photos and then leave. I don't know where to begin on responding to this, but I guess the easiest thing is to just say that FWIW I disagree with all of it.

how to be suggested user instagram

Hot Latest. First, go to your profile and tap on the cog or ellipsis to access your Options. THAT is pretty wild but tough to track at this stage of the game. And AGs article really helps.

how to be suggested user instagram

The first is simply bringing a creative eye to the community and showcasing your best work from your perspective. However, when the Instagram community management team reviews accounts for inclusion on the list, there are a few common attributes they look for. Thanks for the good hangs this weekend buddy! As I mentioned before, these followers for the majority are brand new users, people that literally just downloaded the app and saw my name on a list.

How Does Instagram Generate Recommended Searches?

It's time to clear out your very cute face. I thought eventually that my ex's Instagram account would magically clear from my "Suggested" search history. I don't believe you.

Instagram isn't monitoring your every move. On Instagram, of course.

how to be suggested user instagram

Great comment though! Engagement rate is getting more and more important. Multiple projects have come directly from IG and I expect that the continue to grow. The Suggested Users List is also presented to all new users when registering for Instagram.

how to be suggested user instagram

Max that's totally shameless promotion... Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Learn how Instagram really works.

Instagram tips: how to be a suggested user

I stopped posting and stopped caring about engagement. I honestly don't care, because overall I am using Instagram exactly the way I want to use it, as a tool to create and share creatively with thousands of people around the world. A wish come true for almost all users. Well, you can opt out of the feature all-together!

Just note that if you still follow your ex, which you likely do if it's showing up as a suggestion, the only surefire way to make sure they disappear is to unfollow them outright, which you can do right from their profile page. Iconosquare launched a great tool to track "influencers" and compare yourself to them.

Would you do anything different than already doing?