How to archive old photos

How to Save Old Photos to Your Computer

If your goal is to archive and share an attic's worth of photo albums, this is simply a nonstarter. Continue Reading. Naturally, you'll want to use a phone with a high-quality camera such as the Pixel, Galaxy S7 or iPhone 7 to ensure you capture the best possible scan. Finally, you can upload the photo to your account.

First, remove any dust or dirt from your prints with a microfiber cloth or alcohol-based cleaning wipe.

how to archive old photos

For the highest quality, use a scanner In a dust-free environment, set up your scanning station. You spent the time taking and preserving all of these memories; the backups help ensure that copies will always be there in the future for those who want to see them. Then, clean your scanner's glass with these simple instructions.

how to archive old photos

In a dust-free environment, set up your scanning station. Now playing: Scanners also have hardware specifications capable of varying levels of resolution and color depth.

This Is The Best Way To Scan And Save Your Old Photos

All scanned photos will be saved to your camera roll and be made available online via your media gallery on Ancestry. Best all-around service: For complete instructions detailing how to use PhotoScan, be sure to read through Matt Elliot's post. The photo scanner remains one of the most popular ways of digitizing photo prints and images.

Which brings me to perhaps the best photo-scanning app I've ever used; and one that does a remarkable job of solving this very problem.

how to archive old photos

With a few minutes of setup time, your account will be much more secure. Read More. For the best possible accuracy while scanning, be sure to first: Now, we realize the number of readers who readily have access to such a setup is likely low, but this tip is still worth mentioning. You can bracket your shots i.

how to archive old photos

Google PhotoScan makes it easy to scan old photographs—such as this one of the author—without glare Screenshot by Seth Porges. Although photo scanners typically come pre-packaged with their own scanning program, you can use most any image editing software e.

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