How pounds of turkey per person

Turkey Day Math - How big a turkey, how many potatoes, how much gravy

Best Thanksgiving Ever! Want more roasting guides? Up Next. Some say leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving, and these recipes certainly prove that! For a perfectly moist and tender turkey, follow these steps and download our full turkey guide for more tips and tricks on how to assure the bird is the star at your Thanksgiving table.

how pounds of turkey per person

Today's Top Stories. How much turkey per person and roasting guide. Uncooked turkey breast bone-in: You also can put the turkey in a sink of cold water.

How Much Turkey Do You Need For Your Crowd?

Here at Delish we believe in hitting it right in the sweet spot. Joe Kim.

how pounds of turkey per person

How long should you brine the bird? Hans Gissinger. To test doneness before serving, insert an instant-read thermometer in the center of the stuffing to make sure it reaches 165 degrees.

how pounds of turkey per person

Place the turkey, breast side up, in its original wrapper, onto a rimmed baking sheet. Reduce cooking time by 20 to 40 minutes for turkeys that are not stuffed.

how pounds of turkey per person

New This Month. The meat needs to hit 165 degrees for safe eating, though some people say thigh meat tastes better at 170 degrees. Even the turkey bones can have a second life: Leftovers can serve as the main ingredients for dishes you might not otherwise make.

If you make turkey and other roasted meats frequently, you should consider investing in a sturdy stainless steel pan that will last a lifetime. You're officially on your way to the best Thanksgiving dinner ever. Print our handy chart for roasting ham, beef and goose.

How To Pick The Perfect Size Turkey

Tips for deciding what size turkey to buy for your holiday gathering, and about how much turkey each guest will eat.