How much is the surface rt

Keyboard is an added touch though it is an extra cost. Microsoft essentially had promised hardware partners that it would not undercut their pricing -- unlike Microsoft, the third-party OEMs must pay for the Windows RT license -- but with no competition, and thus no OEMs to antagonize, Microsoft was able to push the Surface RT into the bargain basement.

Great! You selected your Microsoft tablet to sell.

Earlier, it kicked off a buy-a-Surface-RT-get-a-free-cover deal that ran until June 30. Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsers and general technology breaking news for Computerworld. Take a look at what's good and bad so far. The Surface solved that issue nicely. Instead, the OEMs have flocked to Windows 8 Pro, even though some analysts question the value of touch devices on a platform whose biggest selling point is legacy software that doesn't support touch.

how much is the surface rt

Surface RT Tablets. Detail Warranty 1 yr return to base Physical Dimensions 275 x 172 x 9.

Microsoft Surface RT with Touch Cover 32GB, Wi-Fi, 10.6in - Dark Titanium (with

Outlook RT included. The problem aside from persistent sluggishness in performance , is the growing competition.

how much is the surface rt

Yet, for only a little more money, you can buy a full Windows 8 device with much greater flexibility. Very pleased with this product, it can do things my Xoom or iPad can't. Microsoft Surface RT review 2.

how much is the surface rt

Unique little big tablet. Microsoft Surface RT review. I've had an ipod touch for several years, an iphone4 for a year, and an ipad for a bit over a year. The tablet feels delightful in the hand, too.

how much is the surface rt

Apps not as mature as iPad or Android but I found the ones I needed. But developers continue to stay away from Windows 8 and, by proxy, Surface RT in droves. If all you need is Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a web browser, plus the ability to play the occasional casual game, the Surface RT is worthy of consideration.

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Microsoft chops Surface RT price to $349

Good for the value, needs more APPS! Much better than the reviews would have you believe Surprising good, integrated well with my home network for transferring files.

how much is the surface rt

Displaying them on the surface works at least as well as on the ipad zoo ming and resolution and color , and it cost a lot less than an ipad and it does Word and Excel and Powerpoint, etc. Don't show this again. Responds well to wireless connectivity and comes with MS Office.