How much is a grey parrot

How Much Does an African Grey Parrot Cost?

Educational Center Breeds Breed 101. The bird does not need to be bathed. A built-in play top can save you some space as well. This also gives it a healthy appearance which is useful in the wild for finding a mate. The factors that affect the price are if the parrot is hand-reared and its age.

how much is a grey parrot

If your birds are fighting, you must separate them and put them in different cages, don't leave them together while you are not around, otherwise it will not end well.

Read on to discover a few of the most interesting and exciting facts about African Grey parrots, including their origin, information on the various subspecies of African Grey, and more.

How much does it cost to keep a Parrot?

Life Span: Despite their differences, both of these types of African Grey parrots make excellent pets, and both are equally intelligent. A cracking beak is a sign of methionine deficiency which can be supplemented by potatoes and boiled corn. Repetitive diets can cause your parrot to have deficiencies so try to feed it with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds.

how much is a grey parrot

You can also make your own perches with different shapes and branching angles from trees in your area. Apart the cost of the bird, you should also be able to set aside a budget for the following upfront costs:.

Facts About African Grey Parrots

The most famous instance of this is the work that Dr. When bringing your parrot across states, make sure that parrots are legal in the state before you enter or the parrot may be euthanized or you may be fined a fee or both.

how much is a grey parrot

African Grey parrots are too emotionally sensitive to be able to handle being bounced from owner to owner, but sadly many of them do have several homes throughout their lifetimes because people rush into adopting them without fully thinking it through. They have two main subspecies: The prices of the two subspecies of African grey parrot are usually different, with the Congo usually being priced higher.

The parrot will not be able to put its beak out in a carrier unlike in a cage with wide bar spacing. With early and prudent handling, they will become trusting and affectionate, although not as demonstrative, per se, as some of the other small to medium parrots. Some sellers offer free shipping. African greys vocalize in the early morning and in the evening before they roost.

how much is a grey parrot

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