Herrmann whole brain thinking test

People have markedly different ways that they perceive and assimilate information, make decisions, and solve problems.

Whole Brain® Thinking for Better Results.

When we are aware of the thinking styles of others, we can become more flexible in our approach and present information in a way that is compatible with a preference different from our own. When we think or function differently than our preferences, even if we have excellent skills, it's more likely that we'll find it somewhat uncomfortable and consuming more of our energy. The nine roles which were identified as crucial to the success of a team are:. Rating Description.

Analyzing personal and organizational thinking preferences.

What is Whole Brain® Thinking?

Explanation of Whole Brain Model of Herrmann. Imaginative, synthesizing, artistic, holistic and conceptual modes. This helps explain how two people with similar preferences can be different in the specifics of that preference.

If you were feeling especially positive or expansive when completing the assessment, then you may have answered some questions with higher values, thus expanding your higher preference scores.

Everyone has their own particular way to face and solve everyday problems.

herrmann whole brain thinking test

Which presentation appeals to you the most? A team will work more effectively if the individual members appreciate the differences in their thinking styles.

herrmann whole brain thinking test

By all evidence, these aspects of communication and perception are opposite, yet complimentary. Cross Cultural Coaching.

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The human brain is one of the wonders of the world. Effective communicators who understand thinking styles will tailor their presentation to fit their audience while being sure to communicate key points in all four quadrants.

herrmann whole brain thinking test

By observing patients who had their brain hemispheres separated by a procedure to sever the Corpus Callosum in an attempt to cure epilepsy, Sperry made a multitude of discoveries.

This quadrant could be described as the catalyst for the creative process. What is the Whole Brain Model?

herrmann whole brain thinking test

This quadrant prefers a cognitive and rational approach. Origin of the Whole Brain Model. Client Login.

herrmann whole brain thinking test

The risk—taking aspects of this mode may be in contrast to or balanced by the B quadrant safe—keeping modes. Cancel Update Comments. This is a concise document that captures the comprehensive measurement power of the assessment in simple, actionable terms. They think and understand by metaphor or analogy by making connections between elements which at first glance seem remote and unrelated, things that would appear illogical to a Left brain dominant person.