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Now we can move D 3 to T, where it is finally positioned.

Program for Tower of Hanoi

Levenshtein Distance Next Chapter: We also want you to know that we support your full access to your personal medical records. After moving the bottom disk from Src to Dst these disks will have to be moved from Aux to Dst.

In other words,. Step 2 is a simple move of a disk. You can drop a disk on to a peg when its center is sufficiently close to the center of the peg.

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Its solution touches on two important topics discussed later on: Then the body of the function might look like. Welcome to the office of Anil K.

Therefore, for a given number N of disks, the problem appears to be solved if we know how to accomplish the following tasks:. The recursive solution above involves moving twice N - 1 disks from one peg to another and making one additional move in between. The algorithm actually provides another, a non-recursive solution to the puzzle.

At this point in time all the remaining disks will have to be stacked in decreasing size order on Aux. Contact Front page Contents Games.

Tower of Hanoi

Remark 1 The latest implementation of the applet sports a "Suggest move" button that exploits an algorithm devised by Romek Zylla who graciously put up on the We b an explanation of his algorithm. If your first step consists of moving the smallest disk to AUX, you will not be capable of finishing the task with less than 9 moves.

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Towers of Hanoi

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